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The Best IT/Tech Gifts of 2021

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Kayly Lange

With Christmas around the corner, picking gifts for the tech enthusiasts, IT pros, and those who work from home can be challenging. How do you know what’s a great gift from the shoddy tech gadgets that come out in droves? Is this something they will like and actually use? Or will they end up going through the hassle of returning it?

Don’t worry; we’re here to help! We’ve rounded up the top tech gifts of the season—at all different budgets—so that you can knock tech gift-giving out of the park.

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IT Tech Gifts for 2022

We won’t tell you which Black Friday deals are worth it, and we won’t wade into murky supply chain issues. This year, we’re going back to basics—the tech you need to work your best.

Get organized with Great Useful Stuff Multi-Device Charging Station

Price: $39.99

Multi-Device Charging Station If your loved one’s space is all cluttered with their different devices, give them the gift of organization this season.

This multi-device charging station has won multiple awards and is one of the best sellers on Amazon. The sleek, wooden design can seamlessly hold and charge multiple phones, iPads, and laptops all in one spot. No more tangled power cords or wasted space with this station!

Stay hydrated with the Monos Kiyo Bottle

Price: $70

Monos Kiyo Bottle Keep your loved one hydrated and healthy with the newest in portable water technology. Kiyo harnessed UVC technology to purify drinking water with the simple swipe of a finger. Killing up to 99.99% of bacteria, your tech enthusiast can get access to clean water from anywhere, even if it’s just at their desk. Plus, a silicon pad at the bottom of the bottle means no tipping and spilling on electronics.

Take notes with the Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook

Price: $32

Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook Even the biggest tech-enthusiast has to take pen-and-paper notes from time to time. This notebook will help you seamlessly pair your notes to your technology. The Rocketbook lets you write out notes and send them to many cloud services and apps, including Evernote, iCloud, email accounts, and more.

The best part? The Pilot FriXion pen wipes off, so you can reuse the pages again and again!

Save it all with the SanDisk 500GB External SSD

Price: Starts around $100

SanDisk 500GB External SSD Most IT pros find themselves running out of room on their computers often. Between never-ending updates, photos, and videos, an external hard drive is essential. SanDisk offers one of the best. With plenty of room, lightweight, fast, and equipped with extra security features, this is one of the best external hard drives on the market.

Stay cozy with the ecobee SmartThermostat with Voice Control

Price: $258.64

ecobee SmartThermostat with Voice Control For those working from home, comfort is one of the best perks. Stay comfortable without disrupting your workflow with ecobee SmartThermostat.

The voice control features mean that you won’t have to get up to adjust the thermostat. The award-winning thermostat also has a built-in occupancy feature that allows it to automatically adjust the temperature to unoccupied rooms to save energy and money—an essential move for sustainable IT.

Listen in comfort with the Sony WH-1000XM4 headphones

Price: $248

Sony WH-1000XM4 AirPods may look sleek and provide convenience, but they are not built for all-day use. Sony’s over-the-ear headphones are designed to reduce pressure on the head and around the ears so your loved one will get a comfortable fit all day long. It even has calibration mode to detect whether the wearer is wearing glasses to provide the best shape. With the top noise-canceling technology and equipped with Bluetooth, they can work undistracted and make phone calls with ease.

Charge on-the-go: Morphie Powerstation Wireless XL with PD

Price: $69.95

Morphie Powerstation Wireless XL with PD Most of us use our tech on the go—at the coffee shop, in the car, on vacation, even from our living room away from a power cord. We may not always have access to a charger, so your techie-obsessed loved one is always at risk of running out of batteries at the worst time. Mophie’s Powerstation is a must for those who need to rely on technology everywhere.

Morphie is a company with a track record of supplying sleek design and reliable technology. They know how to create products that work for those who love technology. The Powerstation is on the larger side, making it ideal for your loved one to use anywhere. It has enough power to charge their phone twice. It also has both UB Type-A and USB-C outputs so that they can charge nearly anything and even multiple devices at once.

Ready to travel: Away Carry-On Luggage

Price: $265

Away Carry-On Luggage Now that we are all back to traveling again, your IT professional will need new luggage as tech-savvy as them. Away offers sleek and fashionable luggage with a hard shell and leather details. It also has an interior compression system so that they will be able to pack as much into their carry-on as possible.

With an ejectable USB charger, your loved one won’t be frantically searching for a charger station at the airport as their phone battery starts to die. Away will make traveling both fashionable and convenient for them.

Clean tech with the UV Phone Sanitizer Box

Price: $39.99

UV Phone Sanitizer Box The perfect travel companion during pandemic days. Phones are virtual petri dishes for bacteria, so consider this gift to keep your loved one healthy.

VCUTECH uses UVC technology to kill up to 99.9% of bacteria for both Apple and Android users in just 3 minutes. It also charges your phone—a two-for-one we can get behind.

Rest your eyes: Felix Gray Roebling Blue Light Glasses


  • $95 for non-prescription and reading lenses
  • $145 for prescription lenses

Felix Gray Roebling Blue Light Glasses Blue blocking glasses are a must-have for the IT professional and WFH-ers in your life that spends most of the day in front of a screen. These glasses can help reduce eye strain, headaches, and long-term issues from extended periods exposed to blue light. Plus, the stylish frames make them look professional while doing so.

Keep working with the Topo Anti-Fatigue Mat

Price: $99

Keep working with the Topo Anti-Fatigue Mat Many IT professionals have taken to standing desks to improve their overall health. It can start to hurt the back, though, when they stand all day on an unforgiving floor. This mat contours to the foot to help your loved ones stay comfortable on their feet all day long.

Type all day with the Razer Huntsman v2 Analog

Price: $249.99

Named the best keyboard by Tech Radar, Razer Huntsman v2 Analog has the latest optical technology and Razer’s analog mechanical key switches. Plus, the wrist rest and ideal angling will help your tech enthusiast work—or play—for hours with minimal discomfort.

BMC fan favorite: Das Mechanical Keyboard

Price: Options starting at $129

Das Mechanical Keyboard Mechanical keyboards are more popular than ever, and Das Keyboard is one of the leaders in the clickity clack revolution. Das Keyboards come with a variety of options and customizations, from customizable key functions to color enhancements and keyswitch options for the perfect tactile experience.

For the ultimate geek in your life, we might even suggest the completely blank Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate—because who even needs to look at keyboard labels? As more people work from home, it may the best time yet to try out a mechanical keyboard with a full audio experience. Type faster, louder, and with more precision with a Das Keyboard.

Cult classic: Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad

Price: $129

For avid Apple fans, this is the go-to wireless keyboard. It’s very lightweight, which will make it ideal for bringing on the go. Its Apple-aesthetic minimalist design makes it attractive, and the low profile makes typing comfortable all day. The numeric keypad also makes it perfect for those who need it for spreadsheets and finance applications. This is the ultimate keyboard for all of your Apple enthusiasts’ needs.

Keep the caffeine flowing: Ember Smart Mug 2

Price: Starts at $99

Ember Smart Mug 2 Work and coffee go hand-in-hand. Get your loved one the Ember Smart Mug and they will never again have to worry about their coffee getting cold while they work on an important project.

Not only does the battery-powered mug keep coffee warm, it also allows users to set their ideal drinking temperature. The battery lasts for up to 1.5 hours on its own, or indefinitely when used on the charging coaster. The tech person in your life will thank you for this long-lasting boost of energy!

Unwind with the SEGA Genesis Mini Console

Price: $79.99

SEGA Genesis Mini Console Everyone needs to unwind, and your favorite IT professional is no different. Treat them to some nostalgia-inducing self-care with the SEGA Genesis Mini Console.

This plug-and-play system comes pre-loaded with 40+ classic SEGA Genesis games for hours of throwback fun. When the stresses of the day become too much, transport your favorite tech enthusiast back to a more carefree time.

Want more retro gaming fun? Try the NES Classic Mini and the SNES Classic Mini.

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