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Introducing Control-M Workflow Insights

Introducing Control-M Workflow Insights
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Basil Faruqui

“Automate everything that can be automated” is a phrase that we hear often in digital transformation agendas. The importance and focus on automation is not new, but for many organizations, this is now a business priority versus an IT-led initiative. And orchestration and automation of application and data workflows has become a critical need as companies look to operationalize—at scale—the delivery of digital business services from anomaly detection to personalized marketing offers to back-office processes like invoicing/billing, financial close, etc.

Companies that have invested in orchestrating and automating application and data workflows quickly realize that these workflows can become very complicated once they span many different operating systems and data platforms and integrate with applications across on-premises and cloud environments. The other issue is that the constant changes made to these workflows are often a result of changing business needs.

This combination of expanding and changing workflows can degrade the service of application and data workflows, reduce visibility, and significantly impact the overall business, not to mention lead to missed SLAs – both internally and for your customers. IT and engineering teams need a way to optimize workflows and ensure that any changes to them don’t impact business service delivery.

Consider this example: a critical—and now automated—service has been updated with new jobs in the workflow, and what used to take two hours has slowly crept up to three hours or more. These changes are often incremental and it can be difficult to understand their impact on business outcomes if you can’t trend and measure performance against key performance indicators (KPIs).

That’s why I’m pleased to announce today that we are launching a new offering for Control-M from BMC called Control-M Workflow Insights.

Control-M Workflow Insights

Control-M Workflow Insights provides valuable dashboards that give users in-depth observability to continuously monitor and improve performance of the application and data workflows that power critical business services. Users get easy-to-understand dashboards with insights into the trends that emerge from continuous workflow changes to help reduce the risk of adversely impacting business services. By exposing performance drifts, irregularities, and errors early, the time required to resolve issues is significantly reduced, and operations and application development teams can work more autonomously.

Control-M Workflow Insights dashboards

Each dashboard uses telemetry gathered from real-time application and data workflow behavior, giving users insights into how they can continually optimize both workflows and resource consumption, prioritize maintenance, and improve SLA performance.

Control-M Workflow Insights provides valuable SLA-dashboards

Control-M Workflow Insights also helps organizations:

  • Manage KPI tracking and performance, ensuring continuous improvement to business application workflow health and capabilities
  • Optimize capacity utilization by exposing potential impacts from onboarding new applications
  • Improve forecasting of future infrastructure and capacity needs
  • Understand critical SLA service duration and effects on the business
  • Find workflow anomalies that could impact Control-M performance and workflow efficiency

To support critical business services, you must move rapidly and implement changes at scale. When deciding what to integrate into your tech stack, it’s an easy choice to pick a solution that efficiently connects your applications and data and their workflows, as well as your Dev and Ops teams.

If you’re ready to reduce risk; get real-time insights into the health of your application and data workflows; increase visibility across your Control-M environment; and improve critical business service delivery, Control-M Workflow Insights can help.

To learn more about Control-M Workflow Insights, check out these resources:

EMA Radar™ Report for Workload Automation and Orchestration 2023

To stay agile and innovative while ensuring reliability, businesses need to be able to orchestrate application and data workflows easily from development through to production. According to EMA, Control-M delivers more value than any other Workload Automation (WLA) solution on the market—helping IT elevate the business impact of this core discipline.

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Basil Faruqui

Basil joined BMC in 2003 and has worked in several different technical and management roles within Control-M and Remedy product lines. He is currently working as a Principal Solutions Marketing manager for Control-M where his areas of focus include DevOps, big data and cloud. Basil has an MBA in Marketing and a BBA in Management Information Systems from the University of Houston. He has more than 15 years’ experience in technology that spans Software Development, Customer Support, Marketing, Business Planning and Knowledge Management.