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Modernize Your Business with the Latest BMC Helix Control-M Enhancements

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Flora Tramontano Guerritore

As customers’ access to information expands, businesses face the ever-increasing challenge of digital market disruptions. It can be difficult to compete, especially for established companies. Although these companies have deep customer knowledge and data spread across a complex web of systems-of-record and systems-of-engagement, they often struggle to find the agility required to unlock it. That leaves them unable drive business modernization, spur innovation, and deliver new digital business services. To achieve the agility required to meet their customers’ needs, businesses must provide decentralized digital product teams easy access to an end-to-end orchestration platform to deliver complex application and data pipeline workflows in production.

BMC Helix Control-M is a SaaS platform for integrating, automating, and orchestrating application and data workflows across a complex and changing technology ecosystem. It provides the benefits of SaaS consumption with deep operational capabilities, delivering speed, scale, security and governance in production. Too often, companies rely on many siloed automation and orchestration tools to run their business applications. BMC Helix Control-M simplifies workflow complexity with a single end-to-end enterprise view across on-premises and multi-cloud, interfaces for developers, data and cloud engineers, IT Operations, and business users alike. It offers users a wide variety of out-of-the-box integrations for the most important modern application and data technologies, all delivered in a SaaS user experience for highly decentralized, self-service consumption.

The latest release of BMC Helix Control-M adds even more capabilities that help IT Operations:

  • Solve complexity problems by expanding the reach of the orchestration framework into modern technologies
  • Deliver better business results faster by increasing operational efficiency
  • Accelerates digital business outcomes by eliminating the barriers between IT and the business with improved self-service and collaboration

Expanding orchestration framework

BMC Helix Control-M accelerates cloud production by integrating new elements of modern multi-cloud infrastructures under its orchestration umbrella. Users can transfer files from cloud storage platforms in one simple step with enhanced security. Data engineers can orchestrate their Airflow-based pipelines from within the BMC Helix Control-M orchestration framework, and take advantage of the broader orchestration and all the advanced capabilities provided by BMC Helix Control-M. The platform also integrates with many data services from AWS, Azure, Google, Talend, Informatica and more. View a complete list of cloud services integrations here.

Control-M workflow integrating disparate technologies supporting business services

Control-M workflow integrating disparate technologies supporting business services

Increased operational efficiency

BMC Helix Control-M responds to the ever-present demand to produce more value with the same amount of time and team members by introducing features that help IT Ops to eliminate redundant, time-consuming tasks and risks. These capabilities enable deep control of operations. BMC continues to deliver crisper concepts, such as bridging or folder references, to describe customer needs naturally. Support for evolving security methods and standards is very important to remain compliant. The goal is to allow operations to say “yes” with confidence without becoming a top expert, and, with the ease of SaaS, for operations to have a human-friendly experience that can weather the demands for additional growth and evolution.

IAM Role authentication method added for AWS jobs.

IAM Role authentication method added for AWS jobs.

Improved self-service and collaboration

BMC Helix Control-M helps IT Operations empower business users, developers and engineers with self-service capabilities, within the framework of organizational best practices they design. That means IT Operations can now delegate more tasks to other users. Additionally, they can more easily define the organizational standards that users must adhere to so users can collaborate with freedom while minimizing the risk of disruption.

Site standards specify which rule has been violated

Site standards specify which rule has been violated

Business users, developers, and engineers can access the resources and information they need through a personalized and secure self-service experience, delivered through interfaces with which they are most familiar.

  • Engineers and developers can complete their tasks without submitting service requests. They can be given full authority to manage host groups, and they can launch applications written in different languages without having to access the local machine. The enforced organizational standards can now be defined more easily and quickly by administrators through the new site standard policies.
  • Business users can access more BMC Helix Control-M resources, information, and capabilities through an enhanced graphical user experience. They can manage folders, users, roles, and access new reports without the need to submit a ticket.
  • Developers can be granted access to BMC Helix Control-M Automation API to deploy jobs, folders, and subfolders so the deployment of changes to production is faster. They can access more BMC Helix Control-M resources, information, and capabilities through the Automation API monthly updates and enhancements.

It’s vital to stay ahead in today’s highly competitive market. BMC Helix Control-M can help you modernize your business by expanding your orchestration framework, increasing operational efficiency, and improving collaboration within your business.

For more information about BMC Helix Control-M, visit our website.

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Want to accelerate innovation while keeping application workflows running smoothly? With BMC Helix Control-M, you can deliver new applications more quickly, simplify application and data workflow orchestration, and get more visibility and control over file transfers all with the added benefits of SaaS.

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