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Extend Discovery to Applications for Better Service and Security with Application Modeling

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Dan Hooper

Mature IT organizations understand the importance of visibility into data center assets like servers, storage, and networking components, but they often have a blind spot when it comes to the applications that actually power their business. Without a clear view of the components and dependencies that make up a given application, they may be unable to prevent an initial problem from cascading into multiple application failures. That can have devastating consequences for the business.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. By extending your discovery journey to applications, you can achieve a more holistic understanding of exactly what’s in your data center, including both the underlying infrastructure and its changing dependencies. That can make a real difference in the quality of service you can provide to the business.
An accurate, real-time service map can help you:

  • Manage complex business applications and digital services more effectively
  • Troubleshoot and resolve problems more quickly and accurately to increase uptime
  • Prioritize fixes according to real-time business needs
  • Understand and prepare for the business impact of problems
  • Reducing the risk involved in configuration changes and moving applications across your multi-cloud environment
  • Meet audit and compliance requirements more quickly and easily
  • Empower security to perform essential prevention and detection

Just as importantly, effective application discovery can help IT escape constant firefighting and prevent the kind of problems that can impact revenue, profitability, customer satisfaction, and brand reputation.

In recent years, maintaining an accurate service map has become increasingly difficult using traditional discovery and mapping methods. Unable to handle the increasing complexity, coexistence, and change in the modern multi-cloud, multi-vendor enterprise, these tools were unable to produce complete, up-to-date maps that included comprehensive configuration data.

This is no longer the case. Modern application discovery and mapping solutions such as BMC Helix Discovery make it possible to create application models with complete information on the services, underlying infrastructure, and dependency relationships that make up each business application.

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About the author

Dan Hooper

Dan Hooper is the Practice Director and Lead Architect for BMC Customer Success in APAC. In this role, he directs enhancements to BMC Customer Success practices as well as assists customers with road mapping ' the art of the possible' with their current maturity levels and business requirements. Dan has over 20 years of IT operations and nine years of BMC toolset experience. Having built and operated data centres as well as composed the teams necessary to run them, he has unique insight in the usage of BMC technology to assist with broader multi-platform solutions. Dan’s expertise was cultivated through his passion for automation and ensuring that operations activities are simplified.

Prior to BMC, Dan held a number of positions in IT management and operations, as well as specialised in IT infrastructure purchasing and Disaster Recovery planning. Dan holds a BMC Certified Expert accreditation and is a graduate of BMC's Future Leaders program, along with an ITIL v3 Foundation certification. Previously, Dan also held certifications from industry leaders such as CISCO and HP.