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BMC Achieves Zowe Conformance

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Susan Rice

Adoption of open-source tools is increasing across most enterprises, and mainframe organizations are no exception, thanks largely to the work of the Open Mainframe Project.

BMC is a member of that project and leverages Zowe, the open source IBM® z/OS® framework, to connect BMC AMI core services, helping facilitate your use of open source tools and services. We are pleased to announce that we have increased our integration with the Zowe API Mediation layer and have recently earned Zowe Conformant status for our Common REST API.

For those unfamiliar with it, Zowe aims to make the mainframe open, simple, and familiar. Zowe helps developers better interact with z/OS with easy-to-use modern interfaces, available out-of-the-box or through plug-ins and extensions created by clients and third-party vendors. Zowe enables mainframers to discover and consume z/OS services more easily and helps ensure common functionality and interoperability. Achieving conformance means that users can be more confident that the software they use will deliver the experience they want.

The Common REST API allows registration with the Zowe service catalog, enabling BMC AMI Ops Monitor data to be used in an open way. It has been evaluated against the following areas to earn the Conformity Badge:

  • Service ID requirements
  • Discoverability of the REST API service
  • Formats of requests, responses, and API documentation
  • Gateway URL conventions
  • Need for semantic versioning
  • Requirements for WebSockets usage

The above areas of conformity are required minimums; however, there is also a Preferred level of conformity. We have achieved the “preferred” level of conformance by demonstrating our abilities to accept the Zowe JWT token in the cookie and support dynamic registration of the API.

You can read more about the testing requirements in the Zowe API Mediation Layer test evaluation guide. If you are a current BMC customer and would like to learn how to get these enhancements, please see the Technical Bulletin located here.

BMC is proud to be a part of the Open Mainframe Project and we’re actively working on more contributions for the open-source community. For more details about our participation, click here.

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About the author

Susan Rice

Susan is the Lead Product Manager for the BMC MainView Monitoring Product Line. She is responsible for the strategy and vision for MainView products and is driving the direction for integrated system management. Susan joined BMC from IBM Tivoli where she worked with the Tivoli z portfolio and the core team for hardware/software integration. She joined IBM via the Candle Acquisition where she provided customer services for customer architectures and implementing the OMEGAMON family of products.