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Stephanie Grubbs

Earlier this year BMC released the results of its 14th annual BMC Mainframe Survey. The report highlights differing views of the mainframe by generation (Millennials and Baby Boomers). The survey told us that Millennials have a higher interest in implementing AIOps and DevOps, and in connecting the mainframe across the enterprise, more so than their Baby Boomer counterparts.

As Baby Boomers retire, many companies are imminently facing a “brain drain,” diminishing numbers of mainframe-knowledgeable, trained personnel. Millennials seem to want to help bridge the gap of the retiring workforce with AIOps, DevOps, and other tools that enable teams to move faster, become more agile, and ultimately simplify tasks. BMC’s introduction of Automated Mainframe Intelligence (BMC AMI) across our portfolio of products helps mitigate the loss of the retiring workforce’s knowledge and skills with automation, intelligence, and machine learning.

We are excited to announce our newest solution in the family, BMC AMI Capacity Management, a capacity management tool for the modern world.

Capacity management is a highly skilled role, with employees who know their homegrown system or spreadsheet inside out. Unfortunately, they typically don’t have the time to teach a newer employee the ropes. Tracking capacity and performance is becoming more and more important with new IBM pricing models like Tailored Fit Pricing (read more about that here and here, where we’ve been reminding customers that “every MSU counts”). With BMC AMI Capacity Management, you can shorten the learning curve for new employees and ensure a right-sized and cost-optimized environment.

With this modern capacity management tool, you can easily:

  • Diagnose potential capacity issues and bottlenecks so you can take action early to avoid impact to your business
  • Predict and analyze future workload trends, providing the data needed to negotiate with suppliers to optimize costs and right-size your environment
  • Empower less experienced staff and respond to knowledge loss from retiring staff with out-of-the-box workflows and by capturing actions of capacity planners
  • Make the most of IBM’s Tailored Fit Pricing model with powerful dashboards and performance reporting to ensure you can monitor each and every MSU and visualize cost drivers and their impact, allowing you to maximize workload performance at the lowest cost

BMC AMI Capacity Management also integrates seamlessly with BMC’s TrueSight Capacity Optimization to provide an enterprise-view of your capacity, as it’s now more important than ever to reduce risk and stay in compliance.

Read more about BMC AMI Capacity Management today and discover how you can optimize your mainframe capacity and deliver a right-sized, cost-optimized environment.

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Stephanie Grubbs

Stephanie Grubbs is a Senior Solutions Marketing Manager on the Strategic Marketing Team. She has worked as a Solutions Marketing Manager for BMC's mainframe cost optimization offerings prior to this. Stephanie has over 9 years of experience in software consulting, program management, and marketing.