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Strengthening Mainframe Security: BMC and NetSPI Join Forces

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Mark Banwell

Today marks a significant milestone for the world of cybersecurity, as BMC announces a strategic collaboration with NetSPI, the renowned leader in offensive security. The goal? To fortify mainframe security for our valued customers. This partnership is not only a testament to BMC’s unwavering commitment to deliver the best security solutions, but also showcases our dedication to collaborating with industry leaders like NetSPI to create an even more secure digital landscape.

The importance of mainframe security: a shared vision

Mainframes continue to hold critical information and perform essential functions for numerous large enterprises around the globe. Given this, the need for rigorous security testing cannot be overstated. Both BMC and NetSPI understand that it’s imperative to ensure the resiliency of mainframe systems against cyber threats, and this collaboration is driven by a shared vision of enhancing cybersecurity as part of mainframe operations.

NetSPI’s expertise enhances BMC’s security portfolio

BMC customers now have access to NetSPI’s comprehensive mainframe penetration testing (pentesting) solutions, coupled with state-of-the-art delivery platforms, enabling them to evaluate network security from an adversarial perspective. This is a significant leap forward in ensuring the robustness of mainframe systems. In return, NetSPI gains the advantage of utilizing BMC AMI Security automated vulnerability scanning, which will help identify and address potential exploits, further solidifying the security posture of both organizations.

Driving innovation in mainframe vulnerability management

This collaboration isn’t just about the present. NetSPI will also actively contribute to the future development of the BMC AMI security portfolio, fostering innovation in mainframe vulnerability management solutions. The mutual goal is to ensure our customers have the best protection, allowing them to continue innovating with confidence.

A brighter future for mainframe security

Today’s announcement is a win-win for the cybersecurity world. BMC and NetSPI are now better equipped than ever to deliver cutting-edge, robust mainframe security solutions to organizations across the globe. As mainframes continue to be a cornerstone of many enterprises, securing them is paramount, and this collaboration demonstrates the firm commitment of both companies to safeguard digital assets, promote innovation, and empower organizations to navigate the digital realm with confidence.

Learn more in this NetSPI press release.

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Mark Banwell

Mark is a Senior Director - Product Management with specific responsibility for the BMC AMI Security portfolio of products and associated services. Previously, he was Managing Director of RSM Partners, a niche mainframe security consultancy with a global reputation for excellence and thought leadership in the mainframe security space. Prior to joining RSM Partners Mark had a successful career in banking technology, including leadership positions in a number of global investment banks.