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See the Future with BMC’s Forecasting as a Service Tool

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Olivier Segers

How much time do you have before the infrastructure supporting your critical business service runs out of resources? Days, weeks, hours? Do you have a reliable method to create accurate forecasts for the timeseries data that’s important to your business?

How do you even forecast timeseries data given the complexity of the environment and sheer volume of data?

What algorithm would you use? Quadratic? Robust Exponential Damping? Multiplicative Exponential Trend? The options are endless, and you likely need to be a math major to figure them out.

Forget all that and let BMC’s free Forecasting as a Service Tool—or FaaST—figure it out for you.

You supply the timeseries data, and we’ll immediately and automatically determine which algorithm to use out of 14 possibilities and provide you with a result in seconds.

Faast Forecast Result

Figure 1. FaaST results

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Once you have filled out the form, you’ll receive an email with a custom link to access the free FaaST tool. Then you can start turning your valuable data into even more valuable forecasts that help you plan for future growth.

Sign up now to start using the free Forecasting as a Service Tool.

BMC Helix Forecasting as a Service Tool (FaaST!) helps you quickly predict the future values of any time series data based on the previous behavior allowing you to intelligently forecast future resource needs.

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