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Managing IoT Services for CSPs on the Edge

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Sara Coppo

For over a decade, enterprises across industries, including communication service providers (CSPs), have viewed Internet of Things (IoT) technology as an integral component of their digital transformation, helping them unlock operational efficiencies, create new revenue streams, and collect large amounts of data from which to extract valuable and actionable information. It’s no surprise, then, that the IoT market has experienced exponential growth and shows no signs of slowing down. According to McKinsey & Co., by 2030, IoT could enable between $5.5 trillion and $12.6 trillion in value globally, up from approximately $310 billion in 2020.

Across the telecommunications space, IoT has been viewed as a way for CSPs to extract better returns from capital-intensive 5G infrastructures. In a new BMC white paper, Achieving Operational Agility for Communication Service Providers with a Unified IoT Platform in the 5G Age, we explore:

  • How IoT services can enhance efficiency and generate revenue for 5G-enabled CSPs
  • The business impact of IoT services on CSPs and the telecom industry
  • Why network slicing and edge computing are so important for IoT
  • The operational challenges of future IoT services
  • Improving operational agility with IoT at the edge

The paper also discusses the benefits of BMC Helix IoT Edge for CSPs. The unified, comprehensive platform is uniquely designed to manage IoT and edge infrastructures by providing analytics and remediation capabilities that can help CSPs address performance issues, downtime, poor customer service, and asset inventory management—and deliver real-time business insights for continued innovation.

Specific to CSPs, BMC Helix IoT Edge can process large, complex 5G-generated data volumes with IoT use cases that increase business efficiency, and introduce newer business models that complement the value of 5G. And it can monitor telecom network workloads and applications operating at the edge and reduce the need to push data back to the core over a fixed bandwidth backhaul.

One way for CSPs to capitalize on IoT in the telecom industry is through tailored network offerings that connect the entire complex manufacturing ecosystem, from temperature sensors to flow meters, to ensure end-to-end supply-chain visibility, improve production efficiency, and drive cost savings. CSPs are also embarking on their own IoT journey, utilizing the power of acquired data to tap into crucial insights. For example, telcos can deploy intricate software platforms to connect diverse physical assets, leveraging their combined intelligence to strengthen decision-making and develop prediction models.

As telcos and CSPs seek to continually improve their services to enterprises and consumers, they must consider the complementary technology and solutions that will help them realize the promise of 5G and overcome the hurdles of collecting and managing diverse and large amount of data, coordinating platforms and scaling accordingly. Leading CSPs are already doing this by building on their core strengths—mature telecommunications infrastructure, impressive data sets, and 5G-enabled connectivity—to deliver new, value-added offerings.

To learn more about IoT and the edge for CSPs and BMC Helix IoT Edge, download the full white paper here.

Achieving Operational Agility for CSPs with a Unified IoT Platform in the 5G Age

The Internet of Things (IoT) has long been viewed as the capability that will help communication service providers (CSPs) boost operational efficiencies, deliver new services, enhance revenue models, and extract better returns from capital-intensive 5G infrastructures.

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About the author

Sara Coppo

Principal Solutions Engineer – Communication Service Providers (CSPs)

Sara’s passion for telecommunications brought her on a 27 years’ journey through Italy, South Africa and the UAE, working in Product Management, Strategy, Product Development and Enterprise Sales roles with leading CSP’s as Telecom Italia Mobile, Vodacom South Africa and Etisalat Group. Now her mission is to carry on serving in the Telco industry from a different perspective as Telco’s are going through revolutionary times.