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Save Time and Money with Updated Unload Times

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Ryan Smith

If you manage IBM® Db2® then you know your main objective is great performance. Of course, real data management means trying to achieve that great performance while balancing availability, safety, security, and cost amid rapidly increasing data volumes and transaction rates. Our application economy brings about a new challenge on top of those already stressing our data centers.

According to BMC’s 2019 Mainframe Survey, 50% of respondents say that the rate of change of applications and database objects is increasing. Ideally, in terms of stability, a data manager wants no changes to be made to a production system. This increase in the rate of application and object changes forces DBAs to make sacrifices businesses can’t afford to make. The same survey found that 70% of respondents had unscheduled outages in the last year. In other words, Db2 teams are scrambling to manage existing systems—and the situation is only getting worse.

To solve these challenges, BMC is excited to announce our latest release for our data management solutions for Db2. These modern, innovative solutions are built to help you improve database performance and availability, meet increasing compliance standards, and manage your costs while easily handling growing data volumes, transactions, and database changes.

What’s New?

Industry leading performance just got faster!

Next Generation Technology Utilities are already known for their industry leading performance, but this release reduces the CPU usage of NGT Unload by as much as 93%! Without ever taking data offline for customer applications, businesses can extract large volumes of data from Db2 to move to other platforms or for downstream business processes at a fraction of current costs.

Improvements to application tuning

As the data management technician demographic continues to change, the built-in intelligence of BMC Advisor functions that offer innovative solutions to data and application tuning become more and more vital to a well-managed system. In this release, these advisor functions see improved performance to more quickly and efficiently address upcoming issues in your system. In addition, our flagship application tuning solution Apptune extends the capabilities of its new Basic Mode, where it can identify detailed application issues while using very few system resources.

Db2 data management in a mobile world

With more people working from home than ever, mobile access to your Db2 system is vital. In this release, BMC Workbench extends its data management capabilities on mobile devices. From SQL tuning to recovery estimation and simulation, data management is now in the palm of your hand.

And there’s more…

These are only a fraction of the updates to the entire suite of BMC Solutions for Db2 for z/OS. It is the only data management solution industry-wide that can enable 100% availability. To learn more, visit our Data Management for Db2 on z/OS web page.

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Ryan Smith

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