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Embracing SecOps with a BMC Helix and BMC AMI Security Integration

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Christopher Perry

As BMC continues its journey to supporting our clients in achieving their dreams of an autonomous digital enterprise, we are proud to announce that we have released some key integrations between our BMC Helix and BMC AMI solutions to help unite IT Operations and Security team workflows. To level set, our BMC AMI Security is the industry’s leading mainframe detection and response solution with the largest library of Indicators of Compromise. It maintains real-time integrations with all leading enterprise Security Information Event Monitoring (SIEM) solutions like Splunk® and Micro Focus ArcSight®. BMC Helix is our market leading IT Service Management solution which has been recognized as the best Ticketing and Event Management software solution of 2020.

When working with our clients, a regular challenge that we have found is that there can be a significant gap between their security teams who are detecting anomalous and malicious behavior and the operations teams who are responsible for remediation. Conducting triage, containment, and eradication of threats during incident response might be coordinated via phone calls, email, or other manual processes that ultimately slow the process down. This gap leaves companies at risk and wastes valuable human resources.

With our new integration, when BMC AMI Security detects anomalous or malicious activity occurring on our client’s critical mainframe platform it will produce an alert that can be fed directly into our BMC Helix ITSM platform which will trigger automated workflows to orchestrate and accelerate incident response. This allows our clients to minimize manual processes in their mainframe security operations that delay reaction times to critical security incidents. A fast and effective incident response is not optional when a threat has gained privileged access to sensitive data or a rogue process is encrypting datasets with ransomware.

The benefits of the BMC Helix and BMC AMI Security integration for SecOps include:

  • Operational Efficiency – By leveraging the power of BMC Helix’s automated workflows you can replace manual and time-consuming processes to enable teams to achieve a greater output with fewer resources.
  • Reduced time to response – By automating and prioritizing security incidents in BMC Helix, you are able to ultimately minimize your Mean Time To Response (MTTR) which could help contain an incident before it is becomes a catastrophic breach.
  • Centralized Incident Response Management – By integrating security alerts from BMC AMI Security and other security solutions into BMC Helix, you gain the ability to coordinate security incident management across your enterprise.

“Every company is trying to accelerate and automate their business to deliver more value to their customers with their current resources” states John McKenny, Senior Vice President and General Manager of ZSolutions at BMC. “Today we are glad to announce that our BMC clients are able to achieve an integrated SecOps strategy for incident response through their existing investment.”

BMC Software is dedicated to helping our clients achieve their dreams of an Autonomous Digital Enterprise and fully attain adaptive cybersecurity throughout their enterprise. We are proud to integrate our powerful solutions together to help our customers maximize the value they can realize in their tools and, most importantly, enable them to have a modern cybersecurity experience for their mainframes. If you are interested in learning more about these solutions, or simply discussing mainframe security, please feel free to reach me at

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Christopher Perry

Christopher Perry is the Principal Product Manager for BMC AMI Security. Prior to BMC, he served as a commander in the United States Cyber Command and holds several certifications including the Offensive Security Certified Expert (OSCE) and Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).
Chris contributes to online cybersecurity and machine learning publications like Information Week, Security Magazine, Help Net Security, and Planet Mainframe.