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BMC Is Championing Allyship Through Web Accessibility

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Mark Fries

In our increasingly digital world, accessibility transcends mere compliance—it’s about embracing inclusivity and equality as foundational values. At BMC, our commitment to web accessibility reflects our broader mission to foster a more inclusive digital environment. Every year in July, we observe “July Is for Allies,” a month dedicated to celebrating and promoting allyship within our organization. This July, we are focusing on allyship in web accessibility, ensuring that our digital platforms are welcoming and accessible to all users.

The role of allyship in web accessibility

Allyship is about recognizing the barriers that others face and taking actionable steps to dismantle them. In the context of web accessibility, this means designing digital experiences that are usable by everyone, regardless of their abilities. It’s about moving beyond empathy to advocacy, ensuring that our digital platforms are welcoming and accessible to all.

At BMC, we view allyship as a continuous journey. It involves listening to the experiences of individuals with disabilities, understanding their needs, and advocating for their inclusion in every aspect of our digital presence. By embedding accessibility into our core values, we not only improve user experiences but also demonstrate our commitment to social responsibility and ethical business practices.

Three tips for the corporate web accessibility journey

Integrate accessibility from the start: Accessibility should be a fundamental consideration in the design and development process. By integrating accessibility from the outset, companies can create products that are inclusive by design. This proactive approach prevents the need for costly and time-consuming retrofits later on.

Tip: Conduct accessibility training for your development teams and incorporate accessibility checks at every stage of the product lifecycle.

Foster an inclusive culture: Building an inclusive digital environment starts with fostering a culture that values diversity and inclusion. Encourage employees at all levels to understand the importance of accessibility and their role in promoting it. Allyship should be a shared responsibility, with everyone contributing to a more inclusive digital landscape.

Tip: Promote awareness through regular workshops and discussions on accessibility and allyship, highlighting success stories and best practices.

Leverage expert guidance: Partnering with experts in digital accessibility can provide valuable insights and tools to enhance your accessibility efforts. Organizations like Level Access offer practical strategies and resources that can help organizations navigate the complexities of web accessibility and ensure compliance with global standards.

Tip: Engage with accessibility consultants to audit your digital platforms and provide tailored recommendations for improvement.

BMC’s commitment to accessibility

At BMC, we are committed to making our digital platforms accessible to every user. Our journey towards enhanced web accessibility includes implementing robust accessibility guidelines, providing ongoing training for our teams, and continuously seeking feedback from users with disabilities.

By championing web accessibility, we aim to set a standard within the tech industry, demonstrating that inclusivity is integral to our mission. We believe that accessible design benefits everyone, leading to higher user satisfaction, increased engagement, and a more loyal customer base.


Allyship in web accessibility is about more than meeting legal requirements—it’s about creating a digital world where everyone can participate fully and equally. BMC is dedicated to this vision. By embracing the principles of allyship and web accessibility, we not only fulfill our legal obligations, but also embody our core values of inclusivity and innovation.

Together, let’s continue to champion web accessibility, ensuring that our digital experiences reflect our commitment to equality and excellence. As we move forward, let’s be allies in creating a more inclusive digital future for all.


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