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BMC Supports IBM’s Tailored Fit Pricing for IBM Z®

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John McKenny

BMC is excited for the opportunity to join IBM on stage as they announce their new Tailored Fit Pricing for IBM Z® at Gartner’s Enterprise Architecture & Technology Innovation Summit this week. We have a long tradition of delivering mainframe pricing that is well-suited to our customers’ needs, allowing them to unlock the full power of the mainframe platform and achieve a cloud-ready business model. BMC is proud to extend our pricing models to meet customer needs related to Tailored Fit Pricing for IBM Z.

IBM’s new Tailored Fit Pricing supports an increasing number of enterprises that want to continue to grow and build new services on top of this mission-critical platform. In not yet released results from the 2019 BMC State of the Mainframe Survey, 62% of the survey respondents reported that they are planning to expand MIPS/MSU consumption and are growing their mainframe workloads. For customers with no current plans for growth, the affordability and cost-competitiveness of the new pricing model will re-ignite interest in also using this platform as an integral part of their hybrid cloud strategies.

Tailored Fit Pricing delivers simple, flexible, and predictable licensing models with new consumption-based and full capacity pricing options in addition to the Dev/Test and new application pricing options for qualified IBM Z products. These options can provide tremendous value and enduring benefits for customers, including long-term cost stability. This allows customers to run their workloads and applications on this securable and reliable platform while meeting their performance, financial and business objectives. Tailored Fit Pricing will closely align cost and usage for new applications and growing workloads, meeting the needs of today’s hybrid and multi-cloud IT environments.

BMC has an extensive history of sponsoring and promoting growth and modernization through Automated Mainframe Intelligence, and we are proud to support our customers as they evaluate and adopt Tailored Fit Pricing for IBM Z:

  • BMC provides frictionless movement to a variety of pricing models with our own licensing agreements; Perpetual Full Capacity, Sub-Capacity, Term Workload, Business Metric Based, IBM Cloud, and more. IBM’s Tailored Fit Pricing is another model that BMC supports, and our sales teams look forward to listening to customer needs to help create the optimal pricing model for each environment.
  • As leaders in optimizing mainframe software costs, BMC is dedicated to providing customers with software solutions to better manage their costs. We are also committed to educating and explaining the opportunities in each unique pricing model to ensure our customers make a well-informed choice for their strategic and financial goals.

As Bill Miller, BMC’s President of ZSolutions, says, “We commend IBM for continuing to evolve the Z system pricing to provide more options to customers who want to align the value of what they are using to what they are paying. We have a shared interest in the continued success of our clients who already enjoy the cost, security, and performance benefits of the Z platform as they Run and Reinvent their business.”

IBM Z® is the trademark or registered trademark of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States, other countries, or both.

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As SVP and General Manager of Intelligent Z Optimization and Transformation at BMC Software, John leads the R&D, Product Management and Solutions Marketing teams to innovate the mainframe to meet the needs of today’s evolving digital economy. John has over 25 years of management experience at BMC alone and, prior to joining, he led various IT management teams and strategies for 15 years in the transportation and insurance industries.