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Experience the Next Wave of AI Capabilities with the BMC Helix Spring 2021 Release

Lee Margaret Spring 2021 Release
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Margaret Lee

A recent article comparing the results of a poll on organizational priorities around IT service management in 2020 versus 2021 makes at least a couple of things crystal clear:

  • The events we’ve experienced over the past 15 months have caused a newfound interest in comprehensive digital transformation rather than ad hoc approaches and fixes, and
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and automation continue to dominate transformation ambitions.

At BMC, we are constantly innovating and executing faster to ensure our BMC Helix portfolio will help drive outstanding business outcomes. We’re excited to share that BMC has once again been selected as a winner in the annual AI Breakthrough Awards program: BMC Helix Operations Management with AIOps was awarded “Best Overall AI Solution” this year!

We are pleased that our commitment to forward-looking technology has been recognized once more, and like those who responded to the survey, we know an enterprise-wide approach to digital transformation is the fast path to success. At BMC, we evangelize the exciting opportunities that AI and automation bring to service and operations management—and we are here to help you, wherever you are on that journey. Here’s a quick look at some of the defining features of BMC Helix:

AI-driven Service Management (AISM)

With BMC Helix, you can streamline proactive problem management and make better, data-driven service management decisions with automatic incident detection for seamless transfer from problem recommendation to investigation and advanced analytics for service desk and change management processes.

(Learn more about AISM.)

AI-driven IT Operations (AIOps)

Drive improvements in visibility, service performance, availability, and service assurance and optimization with policy-based event analysis and management, service-centric probable cause analysis, and dynamic alignment and optimization of your infrastructure.

The Unified BMC Helix Platform for ServiceOps

Enable collaboration, communication, and orchestration across the enterprise for faster, higher quality service. BMC Helix offers real-time visibility and improved user experiences with a common user interface and dynamic service models, real-time incident correlation, service-centric monitoring, and personalized dashboards that show pertinent data across IT service and operations management.

(Read our comprehensive ServiceOps introduction.)

New with this Spring 2021 Release

With this most recent release of BMC Helix, we’re pleased to offer IT service and operations teams unparalleled ability to deliver always-on service and business operational excellence. Along with our unique capabilities in AI-driven service management (AISM) and AI-driven IT operations (AIOps) powered by the always evolving BMC Helix Platform, this new release doubles-down on our commitment to enable our customers to be more effective and efficient drivers of enterprise-wide change for their organizations.

Measurable Benefits: In recognition of the complexities, costs, and overlaps of governance requirements and information-related regulation, BMC Helix offers enhanced governance to ensure business compliance and risk mitigation for issues associated with operating and supporting complex heterogeneous environments. Our customers can also see significant cost reductions and efficiencies due to our robust capabilities for improving service levels and operational uptime, including the shift-left of 33 percent of IT operations resources and the prevention of up to 90 percent of incidents caused by changes (Forrester, 2021).

BMC’s spring release also helps customers deliver an improved employee experience by giving them intelligent, self-service, omnichannel tools to be more productive and solve problems faster, including an enterprise-wide knowledge hub that revolutionizes information sharing in the digital workplace. Customers have reported up to a 40 percent gain in productivity with the effective knowledge management capabilities of BMC Helix, with improved knowledge article quality, reduced time to resolve and repair issues, reduced cost per ticket, and reduced cost of delivery.

New and Improved Self-Service: BMC Helix offers enhanced and advanced AI-capabilities to comprehensively enable and deliver compelling intelligent self-service across the entire enterprise. With award-winning virtual agents/bots that feature context-aware and natural language understanding, end-users get enriched knowledge in the format and channel of their choice: omni-channel experiences. BMC Helix now features an optimized, AI-driven knowledge management search that maximizes results accuracy, and with real-time translation, gets the best information back to the end-user no matter what language it is in. And with up to 25 percent of service tickets automated and up to 35 percent deflected to self-service (Forrester, 2021), adoption of BMC Helix leads to sweeping improvements in productivity and savings in cost and efficiency in the near- and long-term.

BMC Helix Intelligent Automation: Now available in the BMC Helix Portal, BMC Helix Intelligent Automation allows IT teams to proactively and seamlessly identify and fix problems before they have service impact. BMC Helix Intelligent Automation acts as an automation broker, helping you understand which of your existing solutions will most quickly and easily help you fix an identified problem, and then recommending a new workflow to deploy that fix. BMC Helix Intelligent Automation also allows you to create and manage event and automation policies, configure connectors, troubleshoot automation execution, and create and manage Value Dashboards in BMC Helix Dashboards to analyze, validate, and communicate about the business outcomes of critical IT initiatives. BMC Helix Intelligent Automation has connectors support for Ansible, BMC Helix Innovation Studio, TSO, TSSA & REST.

Innovation for Everyone: We are always seeking ways to help our existing customers optimize their technology. Current Remedy customers can now easily migrate to the SaaS benefits of BMC Helix ITSM. We continue to enhance our AIOps capabilities launched earlier this year, with an open AIOps platform that not only supports ingestion of metrics, events, and topology from our own monitoring and discovery products but also from third-party technologies, custom data lakes, and sources in your environment with a newly released SDK. We have also released enhanced public cloud monitoring capabilities and have expanded our predictive continuous optimization capabilities to support modern cloud and containerized environments and also allow you to perform proactive demand forecasting and what-if analysis to enable service assurance.

Key Partnerships

We are very pleased to offer customers the integrations they need in order to ensure business agility, growth, and competitiveness in this next era of digital evolution and service delivery excellence.

  • BMC Helix Platform further expands our project and portfolio management with our partner offering from Fusion, which runs on BMC Helix Innovation Suite. Fusion is a leader in AI-powered service management and operations delivery, and our integration will help you automate your workflows, improve productivity, and reduce costs.
  • Our expanded partnership and enhanced product integration with Snow Software brings customers enhanced data visibility on the BMC Helix Platform, helping IT teams create agility, maintain stability, and foster growth as organizations embrace hybrid work at scale.
  • Our collaboration with continues to help customers add advanced analytics to their service and change management capabilities, including the ability to predict and prevent major service disruptions via a breakthrough AI/ML-driven early warning system, and to mitigate change risk and reduce change failure with advanced AI/ML models that evaluate data from BMC Helix ITSM and DevOps tools.
  • Open integrations between BMC Helix Operations Management with Dynatrace, SolarWinds, and TrueSight Operations Management provide greater visibility and context to your enterprise IT environment.


Our commitment to our current and future customers is constant: we will never stop innovating to help you improve your digital capabilities. We can’t wait to share our ongoing enhancements and discoveries with you.

Enable AIOps with consolidated system data

Please watch this webinar to learn more about our open integrations with Dynatrace and SolarWinds!

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Margaret Lee is senior vice president and general manager of Digital Service and Operations Management for BMC Software, Inc. She has P&L responsibility for the company’s full suite of BMC Helix solutions for IT service management and IT operations management. Before joining BMC, Margaret was the general manager for data services at Mapbox, a SaaS platform for mapping, location data, and navigation, supporting a variety of consumer and enterprise applications.