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Control-M Reviews and User Ratings: The Definitive List

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Loréal Hunter

There is ever-growing pressure on IT organizations to innovate and deliver applications and new business services faster than ever. Driving initiatives, including big data and DevOps, while ensuring security measures remain intact are critical to keeping a competitive edge. What’s more, data centers continue to increase in complexity with a mix of mainframe, distributed systems, virtual, public and private cloud, and mobile platforms, all of which run numerous applications. And managing the workloads that span these multiple disparate platforms creates the need to address real-time processing and to deliver those services.

Enter Control-M: Our groundbreaking digital business automation solution that simplifies and automates diverse application workloads. Control-M improves workflow services performance and usability and reduces operating efficiencies with new capabilities—such as out-of-the box predictive analytics, automated agent and client deployment—for faster upgrades and maintenance, and a time-saving global calendar. Plus, Control-M significantly enhances automated application workflow promotion through automated job promotion across multi-cloud and on-premises environments.

At the center of infrastructure, data, and applications, Control-M improves SLAs and accelerates application deployment. And trusted third-party reviewers have already taken notice. Below is the definitive list of user reviews, analyst reports, and customer stories to help your evaluation of Control-M as the go-to solution for your organization’s workload automation needs.


TrustRadius is one of the most trusted review sites for business technology users to share real-world insights through in-depth reviews.

The overall TrustRadius score of Control-M is 8.1 out of 10 from 89 reviews.

The Control-M Scorecard Summary shows high marks across the board with very high ratings in Likelihood to Recommend and Renew:

The Feature Rating shows highest marks in Multi-Platform Scheduling and Central Monitoring:

IT Central Station

IT Central Station has become a trusted website for crowdsourcing enterprise technology reviews. The website has an engaged community and offers objective feedback on everything IT. Control-M was ranked the #1 tool for June 2018 by average user ratings on IT Central Stations website.

IT Central Station has 17 reviews for Control-M with an average of 4.2 out of 5 stars.

EMA Radar for Workload Automation

The EMA Radar report was based on a comprehensive survey with over 600 data points. EMA awarded the Control-M solution the highest overall score in its 2019 EMA Radar Report for Workload Automation. Since 2010, EMA has published five Workload Automation Radar reports and has recognized BMC as the overall leader all five times. In addition, EMA named BMC a Value Leader in this year’s report. “Over the last nine years, BMC has continued to strengthen Control-M with new capabilities that empower organizations to reinvent their business and transform digitally,” said Dan Twing, president and COO at EMA. According to the report, “The current focus for Control-M centers around end-to-end orchestration across multiple clouds, simplifying and scaling data pipelines, and supporting DevOps.”

  • Improving the speed, accuracy, and standardization of the software lifecycle
  • Automating every aspect of the big data pipeline
  • Enabling tight integration across multi-cloud environments

Hear from Our Customers

Many customers from various industries have been able to benefit from Control-M. Here’s a handful for you to view:

  • CARFAX: CARFAX speeds time to production with Control-M and DevOps
  • Management Science Associates Inc.: MSA leverages Control-M to turn big data into big insights for clients
  • Up Si Vale: Up Sí Vale ensures reliable service delivery with Control-M
  • Sky Italia: Sky Italia drives customer engagement with Control-M orchestration
  • Raymond James Financial:Raymond James Financial manages over $500B in customer assets with optimized workload automation

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