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6 Ways Workload Automation Drives Digital Business

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Jay Blinderman

If you want to investigate a new restaurant, check out a car repair service, or find a plumber, there’s a good chance that you might visit a third party consumer review site to see what their customers are saying. If you’re not familiar with a restaurant, you might look at Open Table to read about the food, service, and ambience before making a reservation. If you need a car repair, you might check out Yelp to get a sense for how they treat their customers. Or if you need a plumber, you might check out to see recent comments before getting a quote. The same concept applies to business software too. Whether you’re already using Control-M or considering moving to Control-M to get more value than what your current solution provides – it’s helpful to gain insight into what customers are saying.

One of the sites where users rate and comment on their experiences with enterprise software is TrustRadius. That includes, of course, Control-M software from BMC. TrustRadius provides a platform for customers to post their feedback and then conducts customer research to help companies make informed decisions about various enterprise software offerings. In a recent research report on Control-M, TrustRadius describes how Control-M offers high-quality job scheduling and batch services in an increasingly complex and competitive business environment and explores the solution from a variety of perspectives.

The report is based on 62 reviews and ratings from customers who used the solution. They gave Control-M an aggregate overall score of 8.6 out of 10. Customers also gave Control-M an 8.8 out of 10 rating based on the likelihood of recommending the product. Multi-platform scheduling, which provides the ability to communicate and integrate different applications and increase control, scored a 9.4 out of 10. Not too shabby!

The report reviewed the product architecture, its capabilities, the types of customers most likely to use it (typically large organizations running complex processes, with a high number of dependencies, scheduling rules, and execution hosts) and other details.

Six strengths of Control-M

The research identified the following six areas that offer the most compelling benefits to customers. These critical capabilities help customers meet the demands of digital business while reducing costs.

  1. Centralized view across the enterprise – See all jobs running, regardless of what platform.“The ability to see everything running on all Control-M is awesome and the ability to trigger jobs on other platforms provides even more flexibility.” Analyst, HR Resources Company
  2. User-friendly interface – Reduce training requirements and drill down easily.
    “The scheduler interface is extremely user friendly, even for users that are not familiar with other job scheduling tools.” BI Developer, Food Production Company
  3. Handling scheduled job dependencies across platforms
    “The ability to schedule jobs running on different platforms and to create dependencies between those jobs … is something that was not easily done with separate independent scheduling systems.” Senior Software Engineer, Banking Company
  4. Flexibility for granular control over job scheduling
    “With a lot of self-service options like scheduling to run an on-demand job, etc., it is a great tool to get the work done without much dependency from other teams.” Systems Analyst, IT and Services Company
  5. Platform stability – A mature, stable and reliable product. “Control-M is stable, reliable, able to handle extremely complex scenarios, and the customer support is really fantastic.” Infrastructure Engineer, Insurance Company
  6. Add-on solutions for cross-platform scheduling
    “Control-M File Transfer is a very useful add-on, allowing for a wide variety of file transfers to be configured ‘out of the box’ and then used as part of the standard batch window.” Senior Systems Analyst, Banking Company

EMA Radar™ Report for Workload Automation and Orchestration 2023

To stay agile and innovative while ensuring reliability, businesses need to be able to orchestrate application and data workflows easily from development through to production. According to EMA, Control-M delivers more value than any other Workload Automation (WLA) solution on the market—helping IT elevate the business impact of this core discipline.

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Jay Blinderman is Director, Solutions Marketing, for the Digital Business Automation division at BMC. Prior to joining BMC, Jay held senior level roles in sales, business development, product management and marketing for B2B and B2C Fortune 500 companies. Jay holds a B.S. in Journalism from Texas A&M University.