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Increase Staff Efficiency and Flexibility with BMC AMI Console Management for zEnterprise®

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Paul Spicer

I am excited to announce the release of BMC AMI Console Management for zEnterprise® version 4.0, with a newly designed and reimagined user experience. Formerly known as MainView Console Management, BMC AMI Console Management is the newest member to join the BMC AMI portfolio of brands. BMC AMI Console Management offers IT operations teams flexible, automated interactions for fast problem identification and resolution.

BMC’s console management viewer has included automation capabilities for many years, providing you:

  • Increased application availability
  • Easier knowledge sharing between your experts and new employees
  • Improved SLAs
  • Better cost control

In the words of one of our customers, “We are able to construct automation solutions that save us time, money, and personnel. The monitoring is dramatically open to our operations staff. They are able to customize their views and alter to unusual situations if called for.” And we are pleased to announce some exciting enhancements in BMC AMI Console Management to continue helping you on your mainframe modernization journey.

The console viewer has been redesigned with a focus on intuitive use, promoting staff efficiency and ramp-up, including improvements to activities such as filtering and searching for messages. Product dashboards now provide more information and are more interactive, allowing your team to easily view alerts and current status in a single pane of glass.

A true browser experience, there are no client dependencies. BMC AMI Console Management is also updated to work on smaller form factors such as tablets, letting your staff provide support from anywhere and encouraging collaboration across remote teams.

Another new and powerful function is the addition of a REST API. This API will allow you to extract data from BMC AMI Console Management for use in other tools or user programs. The API also allows you to remotely drive automation actions within the solution, providing flexibility to your staff.

Learn more about BMC AMI Console Management for zEnterprise®.

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About the author

Paul Spicer

Paul Spicer is a lead product manager for BMC’s zSolutions and is responsible for Automation, Middleware Management and Install strategy.

Paul has over 35 years of experience working with IBM mainframe systems, with over 30 years providing systems management solutions in roles spanning software development and product management.

Prior to joining BMC, Paul worked at software vendors including Macro4, Candle Corporation and IBM.